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If you want to help us with food collection, organizing events or guidance on volunteering for church institutions make contact with us via email. This is the email address:

Taizé prayers

We invite you to spend some time on meditative prayer like in Taizé. The prayer space is garnished candles and Taizé icons at the back. A quiet light and peaceful vibrations invite us to retreat.

What is “Taizé”?

The Taizé community was founded in 1949 at the village of Taizé (France) by brother Roger. Currently, there are around 100 brothers coming from more than thirty countries and  from many Christian denominationsbetween separated peoples”. “Hundreds, sometimes thousands of young adults from different countries across the world pray and sing with the brothers of the community. The Bible is read in several languages. At the center of every prayer service, a long moment of silence offers an irreplaceable opportunity to encounter God. For more information, visit the community website: www.taizé.fr



We are all searching for something. We all need to know why we are alive, we need to hold on to something or someone. Everyone thinks about that. These questions come from within us because we are searchers by nature. Why do we exist? Does God exist? What is the purpose of my life?

The Alpha course lasts for ten sessions; we have a meal, watch a short video and spend some time chatting and sharing questions and ideas.

Nobody feels neither judged, nor attacked or excluded at Alpha.

This is a place where you can meet people and talk about important stuff.

The Alpha course takes place at the University of Jaén on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 PM

Radio programmes

Si quieres peces, mójate 

Our radio programme is broadcast in Uniradio Jaén on Wednesdays at 5 PM on 95.6 FM or at


DOCAT is a great tool for young people to know and understand the Catholic Church societal teachings. The book lays out the Social Doctrine of the Church in 12 chapters. The structure is similar to YOUCAT: it involves a question and answer format, a glossary, a table of contents, illustrations, quotes and pictures. DOCAT is a guide for young people to learn what the Church thinks about a wide range of social and political matters.